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In the recent study conducted in Denmark experts have found that the amount of weight loss is higher among people doing daily 30-minute workout compared to an hour of coarse routine.
The experts explained that this is most probably because the amount of time spent in the 30-minute workout still leaves a person with enough energy to do their other activities and more motivated to continue to practice healthy living as opposed to those who spend one hour at the gym coming out all tired and exhausted to think about keeping it healthy.

United of Copenhagen Dr. Astrid Jesperson is the author of the study and she explained that the good results experienced by their participants all came from a rather small amount of time every day doing simple workout routines and they all expressed having increased energy and feeling more motivated to do the same thing in the days to come while those participants who were assigned to do a 1-hour daily exercise eventually end up developing idleness to continue doing it and to aim to be healthy.

This observation brought them to the conclusion that exercise when done in moderation can give a more positive effect on a person’s ability to perform their other activities.

The study was conducted on 60 participants; all were healthy but moderately overweight Danish men. The observation was done within the period of 13 weeks where half of the participants were ordered to do exercise for an hour every day and the other half with only a 30-minute exercise routine. All subjects were interviewed after every workout for a record of their condition during the period of the study. The full report of this study was published in the online journal of Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

After the end of the 13th week all men were weighed and each group showed a very noticeable result. The 30-minute group, on the average, lost 3.6kg while the 1-hour group only lost an average of 2.7kg.

There is also a number of researches done to observe the same thing and all of them gathered the same result. Just like the one published in the PLOS One journal where they reported a great improvement on the scale among overweight men just by doing 3 times a week of rigorous exercise that took only 4 minutes.

While in the American Journal of Health Promotion there’s a study published which proved that as the amount of extra minutes is increased during exercise, the higher the possibility of a reduced amount of weight that can be lost.